Announcing the 3rd LMCC for November 2017!

Planning Conferences Is Hard … But Exciting! Announcing LMCC 2017

Grab your calendars and start planning now for the 2017 Library Marketing and Communications Conference!

Good news, library marketers! We have dates and a location for the 2017 conference. Wow, is it hard, complex work to plan an event. We bet many of you know that feeling well. We’ll explain some of how we got here, but right now, get out your calendars and start your planning:


Mark your calendars for Nov. 16 – 17 (Thurs.–Fri.)

We didn’t want to run into Thanksgiving and holiday travel, nor get too close to the end of fall semester and exam time for all our academic attendees. So, this was the best date offered to us by a hotel that met our other needs.


Hotel InterContinental Dallas
15201 Dallas Parkway
Addison, Texas  75001

We are able to offer the following special room rates (but don’t book until we give you the special discount code!):

  • Single/double room: $169
  • Triple/quad room: $179

Map of InterContinental Hotel Dallas Addison areaYes. We’re back in the Dallas suburb of Addison. A different part of Addison though! At a better hotel. InterContinental is considered a luxury brand – but we still have a great deal to offer guests. Win-Win.

UPDATE: Registration Information

We plan to open registration soon. Meanwhile, we understand you need to budget, plan, or ask for funding. Here are the rates for the 2017 Library Marketing and Communications Conference:

  • Early Bird: $349 (ends July 28, 2017)
  • Regular Price: $425

Why Here?

Juggling all the variables of planning a conference, one that keeps growing (YAY! Thank You!), is a lot of work.

The Library Marketing and Communications Conference Planning Committee is a group of volunteers from across North America, and while we are in the midst of exploring legal nonprofit organizational status, we aren’t a formal group. We can’t legally sign contracts or enter into BIG hotel deals and payments—which is why we’ve been partnering with Amigos Library Services. They have lots of experience in this area and can take on the negotiations, contracts, and risk associated with planning an event for close to 400 people. We literally can’t have this amazing conference without them!

Homework Is Hard

After a short break following our successful 2016 event, our team and Amigos started researching options for 2017. We asked Amigos to search out new hotels, and new cities. We were really straining at the Crowne Plaza location and we wanted to address as much of the attendee feedback as possible. We wanted to explore new locations.

LMCC16 CR 002

Amigos sent out many RFPs to hotels—in downtown Dallas, Dallas suburbs, and other cities.

Your feedback has shown you prefer to have the event in a hotel so there’s no “commute” to sessions, you can take breaks more easily, and networking or hanging out is simple.

Most of the replies we received from other hotels either didn’t have the right combinations of big meeting spaces and multiple large breakout rooms, or didn’t have enough sleeping rooms at good rates, or were just too darn expensive overall. A few areas drive a lot of event costs—A/V and tech, staffing, and food. You can’t have a conference without those.

LMCC16 lunch 1 crowd

We save a LOT of money because Amigos can provide the A/V tech and staffing if we are in the Dallas area, or near one of their offices. It’s admittedly a big factor in cities and locations we looked at.

Then, hotels require food and beverage minimums for any event or conference, minimums that can be in the many tens of thousands of dollars. That is a big risk for any group to take on—and some of the hotels asked for amounts that were just WAY WAY too much. (Wow, is coffee expensive!)

LMCC16 coffee break BW

But The Work Is Exciting

That’s why we’re a bit behind in announcing our dates and location—we were trying hard to do all the research and due diligence to find all the extras so many have asked for during our conference wrap-ups and via surveys and messages.

The deal from the InterContinental was the best one for 2017—the right sizes and number of meeting rooms, a very competitive rate for hotel rooms, good amenities, restaurants nearby—and costs that Amigos could handle for us.

What’s Better for 2017?

We listened to our wrap-up discussion suggestions and post-conference survey responses, and several requests stood out. We think we addressed them with our new location:

  • More coffee options! There’s a Starbucks in the hotel. And we will look for sponsors for more coffee breaks.
  • More nearby places to pick up snacks and sundries. A Walgreens and a Whole Foods are nearby.
  • More good food to walk to! There are plenty of restaurants in walking distance of the hotel. Casual, fine dining, Tex-Mex, steaks, and burgers, and more—it’s all close by.
  • More meeting space! So we don’t spill out into the hallways so much. More seats if you want them in those popular sessions. Sessions rooms can hold 100, our main room will hold 400. All in one convenient area of the hotel.
  • And hopefully even more good things to report on soon as we get deeper into our planning.


LMCC16 Swag Swap line take items

We’re Excited for LMCC17 and Hope You Are Too!

But the great news is, we have the green light for another great educational event this autumn! (As always, please don’t book any flights or rooms until we’ve posted instructions and links.) We’ll be sharing more details soon!

~The LMCC Planning Committee and
Our partners at Amigos Library Services