Creating Library Ambassadors: How to Engage Staff and Other Stakeholders

Bel-Air I - III

Do you feel like a lone voice in the wilderness with your marketing efforts? Do you get the feeling that other staff feel like marketing is not their job? Learn from two public library systems how they have created opportunities for staff to become Library Ambassadors. Whether you are in an academic or public library, you will learn techniques to leverage existing connections or to build buy-in when you are starting from scratch. When marketing is often identified as a prominent need and a magic solution for poorly used services and poorly attended programs, staff are often reluctant to take on a role of salesperson in presenting information to customers. You will leave this program with techniques you can take back to your library to create an inclusive culture where everyone takes responsibility for sharing the marketing role.

Learning Objective:

Participants will be able to identify and leverage opportunities for strengthening staff and stakeholder communications.

Intended Audience:

All libraries equally


Library Director/Dean, Library Supervisor (not director or dean level), Library professional (MLS, MLIS, other), Marketing/Communications Professional (non-MLS), Marketing specialist (MLS holder), Graphics team member(s), Social media team member(s), Library staff (non MLS, no marketing degree)

Strategic Partnerships