Malachite Showroom

“Libraries, Crises, and Social Media”

Nobody expects their library to end up at the center of a firestorm, but it happens. How you handle it can affect everything from the public’s perception of your library to the budget allocated to it. In today’s social-media-connected and mobile-dominant media environment—where local engagement rules—the rules of crisis communication are changing. In this keynote, award-winning communications guru Shel Holtz will share his wisdom on these topics:

* How to apply the age-old principles of crisis communication to the 24-second news cycle

* How to prepare for the crisis you can’t anticipate

* The importance of aligning your staff with your library’s values and decisions

* The role your social media accounts should play in a crisis

* Why you need to line up user, volunteer, and employee ambassadors before a crisis strikes

* How the PESO model (Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media) works to your advantage in a crisis