What They Didn’t Teach in Library School: The Cycle of True Marketing

Le Gala

If you haven’t had a formal marketing course, this session will fill in the blanks. It will give you a solid foundation in the tenets of library marketing, covering definitions, strategies, reasoning, and the steps in the Cycle of True Marketing. It will answer burning questions such as: What’s the difference between marketing, PR, and advocacy? Why didn’t anyone come to the event that I worked so hard on? How can I get my message heard despite today’s info clutter? What have I been doing wrong? And, why is library lingo evil? Wonder no longer; this is the “Marketing 101” lesson that will make it all make sense!

Learning Objective:

To explain the foundations of marketing in a clear, yet humorous and memorable, way.

Intended Audience:

All libraries equally


Library Director/Dean, Library professional (MLS, MLIS, other), Social media team member(s), Solo librarian, Library staff (non MLS, no marketing degree), Library assessment role, Library instruction role

The Marketing Cycle