Volunteers are the key to LMCC's success!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with LMCC!

The nonprofit, Library Marketing Conference Group manages the LMCC, which is run by volunteers along with the help of our association management partner (Amigos Library Services). LMC Group needs your help to continue to make LMCC a success!

We have a variety of needs where volunteers are especially helpful and needed for the continued success of LMCC. Volunteering with LMCC is a great networking opportunity, a chance to build and share your skills, and a way to give back with your colleagues in the library field.

The Conference Programming Committee works with our Chair to set the direction of content and learning opportunities for our conference attendees. Tasks may involve creating a Call for Proposals, soliciting sessions/panels/posters/round-tables, assessing proposals, and selecting the conference content.

Current Committee Members:

  • Emily Glimco- Chair
  • Stacy Stanislaw
  • Rachael Muszkiewicz
  • Mary Ann Short
  • Karen Lemke
  • Esmeralda Fisher
  • Stephanie Everett
  • Kerri Vautour
  • Cordelia Anderson

The Conference Local Arrangements Committee works on tasks such as local tours, dine-arounds, social events, reaching out to local organizations and libraries, and coordinating onsite activities such as the Swag Swap.

The Marketing Committee works on conference and organizational publicity and promotion, including but not limited to social media, email marketing, blogging, and even onsite graphics. This team also communicates with our community of past attendees and interested library colleagues on our email list to let them know of LMCC happenings.

Current committee members:

  • Tommy Hardin- Chair
  • Tanner Lewey
  • Cari Hillman

The Online Education Committee (new as of 2021) will work on planning webinars and other online educational opportunities for library marketing staff and professionals.

Current Committee Members

  • Amanda Stern- Chair
  • Curtis Rogers
  • Regina Beard
  • Katy Kelly
  • Taira Meadowcroft
  • Anna Popp

The Fundraising/Scholarship Committee (new as of 2021) will work to raise funds for a variety of initiatives, and help award scholarships to library marketing staff and professionals who need support in order to attend LMCC.

Current committee members:

  • Beth Heldebrandt- Chair
  • Trenton Smiley
  • Christian Boivin
  • Vicki Lea
  • Megan Phifer-Davis

Digital Swag Swap: The LMCC’s popular Swag Swap will be digital for 2021; these volunteers will solicit, gather, and share digital swag items from LMCC attendees.

LMCG Board Membership and Support: For those interested in possibly serving on the LMCG Board or providing support to our current Board.

Committee duties may change and additional projects for the conference as well as the overall nonprofit organization may come up during the year. We welcome interested volunteers to complete the form at any time!

While we generally only ask volunteers to work on one team or project, it's possible that your interest and skills may help multiple teams or projects at different times during our planning cycle. We have opportunities to fit all levels of time-commitment and interest!

Please fill out the form below, indicating your interest in potential teams or tasks, and a member of the Planning Team or an LMC Group Board member will be in contact. Thank you!

Library Marketing Conference Group
1190 Meramec Station Rd., Suite 207
Ballwin, MO 63021

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