Thank You for Being a Follower: Building and Sustaining a Social Media Program

Presented by: James Wethington

March 7th 2024

Social media is a crucial component for an archive to raise awareness of local history and highlight what they do for their communities. Social media is oftentimes placed on the back burner or managed by one staff member with no input from others. This session will showcase a successful social media program at an academic archive by providing practical examples of ways to create engaging content, how to plan and schedule posts, encouraging staff and students to participate in and create social media content, interacting with your audience, and tackling controversial materials in your collections.

Sparking User Engagement with Collections and Conversations

Presented by: Courtney Montgomery

September 21st 2023

How do we engage users with parts of the collection that may not be considered popular? How do we justify preserving archival items that may be seen as irrelevant or even problematic?  ‘Collections and Conversations’ – a physical exhibit combined with a series of engaging speakers – asked audiences to engage with, question, challenge, and explore a curated selection of materials and to assist in the work of interrogating identity, diversity, and representation. Outreach Lead, Courtney Montgomery, will discuss the development of this unique project and provide ideas on how libraries can increase engagement through meaningful conversations around their existing collections.  Participants will learn ways to re-imagine their own library's collections and how to engage users with that material in new and unique ways. They will come away with ideas to reframe how materials are presented and that it can transform and inspire how they connect with their users.

The Non-Expert's Guide to Making Effective Videos

Presented by: Roy Cummings

June 8th, 2023

Video has quickly become the go-to format for social media content. What was once a luxury is now a necessity, and using video should be a part of every library's communications strategy. But with so many tools and options for creating videos, figuring out how to get started can be a challenge. In this session, attendees will learn cost-effective strategies and methods for planning, filming, and publishing videos for social media and the Internet. This presentation is ideal for marketers with limited knowledge and budgets for creating videos. Attendees will:

- Get tips on planning video projects

- Learn about low-cost equipment for making recording videos easier

- Gain insight on finding and/or developing ideas for video content

- Learn strategies for recording appealing video footage

- Get suggestions for tools to edit and publish videos

The Flyer Fight: How One Library Decreased Flyers Without Decreasing Program Attendance

Presented by: Hannah Simpson

March 2nd 2023

The classic library communications struggle: How many flyers do library programs really need? By implementing a new system one mid-size public library communications department cut their flyer output by at least 70% without seeing declining program attendance. The system changed some workflows and includes a series of checks, simple design tools, and a branded template.

This presentation will demonstrate how to empower library staff and help relieve the demands on the communications team while still effectively promoting library programming. Participants will leave the session with an actionable plan to streamline the process of flyer creation in their library.

We've Got Style, Yes We Do! We've Got Style, How About You:

Presented by: Lissa Radder and Jennie Fidler

December 8th 2022

Most library workers are not graphic designers, yet they must create signs, brochures, and marketing materials. How can a library create a consistent, professional look and feel for all marketing materials no matter who designs them? By creating a style guide! With a focus on both appeal and accessibility, the Oconomowoc Public Library has strengthened its brand identity and streamlined design elements by standardizing its writing style, fonts, and colors. Learn how Jennie and Lissa researched, created, and implemented a style guide for their library.

Pics or it Didn't Happen: Upping Your Photography:

Presented by: Megan Kowalski

September 8th, 2022

Social media and engagement are driven by images. Posts with images get vastly more likes, comments, and engagement than those without. Photography is a skill we can grow. In this session, attendees will learn the importance of photography, how to best use images, and how to grow their skills through practice. The presenter will share tips, techniques, and tools for all budgets to help libraries improve their photography and increase engagement. The presenter will also share outreach programs related to photography to engage users on another level. During the session, attendees will engage with and assess images directly.

Effective Facility Outreach in 15 Minutes Webinar : 

Presented by: Alena Principato

June 30th, 2022

Capturing the time and attention of busy faculty is no easy feat. At Nevada State College, our team of subject librarians experimented with a new approach to faculty outreach. During the Spring 2021 semester, librarians secured productive 15-minute outreach meetings with most of the college’s full-time faculty, resulting in a significant increase in instruction requests, improved awareness of library services, and stronger librarian-faculty relationships. This session will help you get in front of faculty, promote your services, and maximize the impact of your outreach efforts.


Our Gift to You: 10 Ways You Can Successfully Communicate about Your Library's Fundraising Webinar

Presented by: Joyce Garczynski and Jernine McBride

April 28th, 2022

Communicating about your library’s fundraising can seem daunting, especially if you don’t regularly do it or if your library doesn’t have any donors. In this session, two veteran library fundraisers will share 10 ways that library marketers can integrate fundraising, from finding potential donors to thanking existing donors, into their messaging.


Keeping Social Media "Social" Webinar: 

Presented by: Isabelle Rew and Sheryl Banks

December 8th, 2021

Have you hit a wall with your library’s social media engagement? It may be time to shift from a marketing perspective to a social one (it is “social” media, after all!). From crafting striking #BookFaceFridays to sharing heartfelt #TrueStories from the front lines, this session will equip you with tools to grow and engage your virtual audience. You will also discover how to establish an interdepartmental Social Media Taskforce, incorporating new voices across your platforms. This webinar will be recorded and all attendees will have access to the recording after the event.


Creating Engaging Annual Reports that Connect to Institutional Goals Webinar : 

Presented by: Kristen Cole

July 29th, 2021

Annual reports can vary wildly from a simple list of statistics to a "What I did last year" style newsletter. An engaging annual report should be a mix of brief stories and testimonials, backed up by evidence (data). In this webinar, participants will learn how to use stakeholder theory to identify their intended audience. Participants will learn how to use the process of backwards design to create their annual report. Special attention will be paid to connecting the annual report to library and institutional goals, data collection, and testimonials. Participants will have a chance to examine example annual reports for best practices. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

● Identify the characteristics of an engaging annual report

● Determine who is the intended audience for the annual report using the Stakeholder Theory

● Use the process of backwards design to connect the goals of the annual report with the library and institution's goals

● Update data collection processes to prepare for the annual report 

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